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February 6th, 2020, celebrating 19 years of hand painting Jeannie Bottles for you!


I am the only artist who has continued and actively provided you, the customer with painted glass 1964 Jim Beam decanters to resemble the Jeannie Bottle used in the TV series I Dream Of Jeannie starring Barbara Eden!  Don't be fooled by mass produced cheap imitations on the internet actually made in India by a seller.   If it's not painted on a 1964 real glass Jim Beam decanter then it's not like the one used on the TV show! I have painted over 1,000 bottles for customers all over the world, I even hand painted bottles for Barbara Eden to which she is seen below in photos from various TV appearances and magazines. I also paint custom bottles, so please send me an email with your inquiries! Your wish is my command!

***No, they aren't "official licensed" bottles.  None that you see for sale on the internet are. (Sony use to issue a license for the mass produced bottles you still see but hasn't in over a decade).

   Most Popular Purple 

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   Evil Sister Bottle   

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   1st Season Gold Vines   

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   Reunion Bottle  

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   Custom Designs   

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New!  Cartoon Bottle

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In stock!   Dreamy Jeannie Bottle Travels to Scotland coffee table collectors book! 40 beautiful pages!  24.99 + 7.00 shipping!

Oct. 25th 2015 Cocoa Beach Florida with Barbara Eden! We are handing out Dreamy Jeannie Bottles as awards!

September 2016 Barbara Eden appears on the Food Network show "Worst Cook in America, Celebrity Edition" with her Dreamy Jeannie Bottle!

Personal Note From Barbara Eden

Oprah's "Where Are They Now" TV show

Below are two 2016

public service announcements for the United States Postal Service with Barbara Eden and her Dreamy Jeannie Bottle! 

Barbara Eden with her Dreamy Jeannie Bottle I painted for her in various magazines and TV shows like Good  Morning America and Fox News!