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2nd-5th Season Purple Jeannie Bottle 


This is the 2nd-5th season style design Jeannie Bottle that was the most (and is) popular bottle from the TV series.  I offer two different base colors.  One is a slightly darker purple, the other a lighter purple with more of a lavender hue than plum hue like the other.  


It brings back memories of a wonderful time, when TV was magical and innocent. 


The bottle is cleaned, primer coated and then the base is put on.  The design work is next, the most time consuming part of creating this bottle. The Jeannie Bottle is then painted with several coats of a UV protected clear coat. See how the color changes in the light!


To purchase, just click on the "Buy Now" button below. The purchase price is $380 with 30.00 shipping for U.S. buyers.  Shipping includes fully insured, and signature confirmation on your end.  

The buttons below are for U.S.customers. This includes fully insured shipping, including signature confirmation upon delivery to make sure your Jeannie Bottle arrives to it's destination!

For Overseas shipping please email me for pricing to your area.  

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Lighter Purple

Darker Purple

Left: Lighter purple       Right:  darker purple