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Dreamy Jeannie Bottle Question and Answer Page

If you're wondering if a Dreamy Jeannie Bottle is painted to last, above left is a photo of a wonderful Australian Customer who purchased his Dreamy Jeannie Bottle in 2002 and on the right is his same Dreamy Jeannie Bottle in 2013!  

Q. Why don't you sell a bunch of Jeannie Bottles at once?


 A. I paint each jeannie bottle one at a time. It would be impossible for  me to have several bottles on ebay at one time without having them mass  produced  by other people. There are sellers who sell them that way.  I prefer and always will paint on the original 1964 Genie Decanter.  I do this all myself, there is no "we" here,  just me! I do a lot of custom orders, something else I couldn't do if  they were mass produced.    I am an artist, I am here to paint your bottle  for you, not try and sell as many as I can at any given time!


Q.  Do you paint on ceramic or just glass beam bottles? 


A.  I only paint on authentic 1964, Jim Beam Whiskey bottles, I do not  paint on ceramic bottles. There are mass produced glass ones as well out there so be careful when you shop to make sure you are getting the real deal! The prop was painted on the same Whiskey  Bottle so I  want your bottle to be as close to the prop as possible! And with the bottle already an antique, the value of your Jeannie bottle  will increase while a ceramic or imitation glass bottle wouldn't as much. I’ve had one of my bottles autographed by Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman auction for over 1000.00!


Q. Do you take payments? 


A. I am no longering offering payments, sorry.   


Q.  Do you offer refunds?  


A. The only time a refund is offered is if the bottle received is somehow damaged on my end.  The bottles are carefully inspected by me before I ship, so there should be no problem by the time it reaches the customer.  I do not offer refunds based on buyers remorse. Once a bottle is purchased, it is like any other work of art, you make the decision to purchase it, it is yours.

Q.  What kind of preparation and paints do you use? 


 A. I use Enamel and Acrylic paints.  I prep the bottle by a thorough washing, then air drying, removing any oils using a bottle preparation solution. 


Q.  Do you sell just the plain Jim Beam bottles unpainted?


A. No, I only paint them, I don't sell the plain unpainted bottles. 


Q.  If I send you my own bottle for you to paint, can you do that and will you give me a discount?


A. Yes, I have done this for several customers.  Depending on the average  cost I'm currently paying for a Jim Beam is how much your discount will  be. Your discount will usually be 40-50 dollars. 


Q. Where do you get all your Jim Beam bottles? 


A. Usually on Ebay, I have to bid for it like everyone else!  They can  sell anywhere from 15.00 to over 100.00 depending on the demand for that auction, week, month, who knows why!  Flea markets and estate sales are another avenue to find these treasured bottles!  I had a customer find  one for $1.00! 


Q.  If I place an order, how long will it take?  


A. That depends on how many orders I am currently working on. The usual wait is around 3 weeks or sometimes the  wait is longer, especially around the  Holiday Season.  Just email me and I'll be happy to tell you how long it would be to receive your bottle. 


Q.  Do you require a deposit, when should I pay?


 A. You can pay anytime after you place the order.  You do not have to pay until I am finished with your bottle order UNLESS it is a special custom order that you've requested, then I require payment or a deposit up  front. 


Q. How do I take care of my bottle once I receive it? 


A. I include with your bottle a little information sheet on care of your bottle

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