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Golden Vines Jeannie Bottle

This is a Gold Vines Jeannie Bottle, painted to replicate the 1st season bottle that was used in the TV series the very first year when it was filmed in Black and White.

Not until the 2nd season was filmed in color, did they change the design and color was added to the bottle.  This gold vines bottle is painted directly on the glass, just like it was for the TV prop first season bottle.  It is then sealed with UV protectant clear gloss.  The price of this bottle in the collection is 245.00 plus 30.00 US shipping.  Antiqued added to the bottle is 20.00 extra. 


Shipping is included in the purchase price in the "Buy Now" button below.  For other countries please email me and I can give you a quote for shipping to your area. 

Below are photos from an auction of the 1st season bottle with antiquing added (this is how it appeared in the 1st season when Tony found the bottle on the beach!  The cost for this replica is 20.00 extra for the antiquing applied.  

I am offering a new version of the 1st Season Bottle! It is called the 'Black and White bottle to resemble how it appeared on TV in Black and White!  Price is 245.00 plus 30.00 shipping in the US.  Contact me for overseas shipping costs.